Children are the world's most valuable resource and its BEST hope for the future! -John F Kennedy

When a Guardian ad Litem, also known as a GAL, makes a request on behalf of a child we rise to meet the need. This would not be possible without the GENEROSITY of our "GAL Pal`s". They have allowed us the privilege of helping with numerous requests for countless children in need! Over 90% of your tax deductible donation goes to directly support our mission! Here are just a few examples of what GAL Pal`s make possible...

Become a "GAL Pal"

Help give a child a VOICE!

Gal Pal Membership

Your Monthly Donation Membership Includes:

$5. Mug and Social Media Badge.

$10. Mug, Tote Bag and Social Media Badge.

All Other $10+ Donations to Receive “Goodie Bag” as Well